Light & Shadow


Light & Shadow is a a free-to-play, 2D platformer video game in development by Flawed Designs and Shadowland Theatre.

This game is designed for young people, centered around anxiety and depression, and explores positive ways to help tackle the difficult journey through them. The visuals for the game were created using shadow puppetry, the cutscenes are filmed shadow puppet shows and the assets for the game were created to match the style of the practically crafted cutscenes. This game is based on Po's Climb, an original piece of shadow puppetry created by Sequoia Erickson and available for you to watch below

Applications to be a part of our Light & Shadow Squad are currently closed. However, we will be seeking participants to help us Beta-Test the game in June 2022. If you'd like to be a part of that process please contact Shadowland Theatre, or keep an eye on our social media for the callout. 

Stay tuned for the game's release date!


This game would not have been possible without the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council. 


Po's Climb

Po's Climb is an original piece of shadow puppetry created and performed by Sequoia Erickson for Concrete Cabaret in November 2019. 

This version was filmed in March 2020 when the world was closed it's doors due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

It is performed by Sequoia Erickson and filmed and edited by Hayden Silberer. 

Sum: A Shadow Puppet Reading of David Eagleman's

Tales from the Afterlives at the Toronto Fringe

What happens after you die? You may find that God is the size of a microbe, or that heaven is just as dull as the suburbs. You may be reincarnated as a horse, or find out you were never alive at all. Are you the sum of what you've done, or what you could have been? At once unnerving, funny, and beautiful, David Eagleman's "SUM" short stories are brought to life through shadow puppetry, projections, and live music. Will cause a desire to go home and cut out puppets, but will also remind you of your impending mortality. Prepare accordingly.


Core Creative Team: 

Director: Hans Krause

Choreographer: Sequoia Erickson

Puppet Designer: Lochlan Cox

Production/Stage Manager: Jessica Sleeth 

Part of the The Toronto Fringe - July 4-15, 2018 at the Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse

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