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Sequoia Erickson likes making things: from reindeer tails, to shadow puppets, to tutus and giant garbage cans. A strong belief in the power of the extraordinary compels her to be constantly searching for unusual and visually creative ways to tell stories. 

Planted on a lettuce farm in Hoystville, UT- Little Sequoia always dreamed of being eight feet tall. After being transplanted to Waihi, New Zealand her attention was caught by the Dramies in Troupe Waihi (formerly SCB). Suddenly everything wild, weird and wacky was the best thing that could be. Quickly she learned how to stilt walk and bring her imaginings to life in the form of costumes, props, and masks. Seeking adventure Sequoia uprooted across the world, once again, and found tall minds in Toronto, ON. Here she has grown for the last decade, working with a myriad of talented folks from: Builders Anonymous, Shadowland Theatre, VStar Entertainment, Cirque du Soleil, the Canadian Opera Company, Roles 4 Women, Hala Circus Arts, MaracaTALL Stilt Drumming Troupe, Frolick Theatre and more. 


She is currently a freelance Costume Designer, Stilt Walker and Puppeteer, and a graduate of the Performance Production program at Toronto Metropolitan University.

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